Find Just What You Need with a New Ford Model Today

We know that finding the right vehicle to fit your lifestyle is incredibly important to your satisfaction on the road and we here at Brad Manning Ford Inc have no doubt that the ride of your dreams could be right here among our selection of Ford models! Lisa Arnesan, in the video below, found that the 2017 Ford Fusion was her perfect car thanks to its comfortable dual-zone climate control, the convenience and safety of hands-free texting and calling, and a spacious cabin that can easily seat her two 6'2"-tall sons. See more below:


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SUV Affection is Growing Among Dekalb Drivers

Looking for a car you can rely on? An SUV might be the ticket. Just ask an SUV owner. It shouldn't be hard to find one. SUVs have been growing in popularity for years and their owners are some of the most loyal drivers on the road. A recent analysis revealed that 66 percent of SUV owners shopping for new cars earlier this year bought new SUVs. Why do they love their SUVs so much?

Because of cars like the 2017 Ford Explorer.

An SUV made to fill multiple roles, the Explorer delivers a package of useful features that…

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2018 Ford F-150 Reminds Us That Brawn and Intelligent Work Ethic Can Go Together

Forty years on, the Blue Oval’s focus on innovation has helped the Ford F-150 stay at the top of its class. Never the sort to rest on their proverbial laurels, the 2018 pickup boasts a whole host of upgrades. Unique front end treatments for every trim level, standard ten-speed automatic transmissions, and intelligent features that both make work easier and cut down on fuel consumption are also on the menu.

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2017 Ford Explorer Earns Acclaim from Autotrader Team

In the pantheon of the industry's most impressive full-size SUVs, the Ford Explorer is without a doubt a deity. Originally introduced in 1990, the Explorer is fast closing in on three decades of automotive dominance.

Which, of course, brings us to our topic for today: the current, 2017 iteration.

Might this be the best one yet? Pair up with the pundits over at Autotrader to make that determination:

The Explorer's mid-level powertrain -- a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder termed EcoBoost -- is bound to be one of its more popular. Rated a robust 280 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of ...

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How to Choose a Car Wash

There are several different car washes to choose from in just about any city; however, it is highly recommended for a vehicle owner to ensure that they take their vehicle to a car wash that is rated well, as the owner will not want to regret having a bad job done in the washing of it. By contacting a car wash center that has been rated well, you may be able to acquire certain discounts if they are offering any.

Although some of the benefits that exists when having a car wash done are often overlooked, a vehicle owner may…
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Taking a Road Trip With Peace of Mind

There is a lot of fun to jump in a car with a bunch of friends and taking that instantaneous unplanned road trip. Not knowing or caring really where you are going or staying. Just wanting to make ever-lasting memories and even document it on social media. The one thing that can bring everything to a halt, creating nightmarish memories, be quite expensive and even dangerous is if the car is not ready for the road trip.

To be prepared to hit the open road, it is essential to have a check-up at your local service center you trust. They…
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Squeeze Your Gas Budget

It's easy to increase your fuel economy-and no, you don't need to get a newer car to get it. All you need to do are a few simple steps and you will be on the way to improving your gas mileage.
First off, you should obey the speed limit, and not just because it's the law and you will get ticketed if you don't.
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A Roadside Emergency Kit is Essential

It is essential to your driving experience that you always travel with a roadside emergency kit. A roadside emergency kit can save you a lot of unnecessary frustration.
So, what items should you consider? First, consider your driving habits. Are you a long distance driver, or local? Do you typically drive by yourself, or do you have children?
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Splurge on What You Want

When people "splurge," it's normally on things that they actually want to spend their money on -- not on things like a new windshield. But that's exactly what you will have to do if you ignore those rock chips.

You may get away with it for awhile, but they will eventually catch up to you in the from of cracks. Those horrible lines that distort your view and ruin your windshield. Rock chip repairs only take 30 minutes or less and sometimes your insurance company is nice enough to cover the cost of the repair. Even if they're…
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Top Midsize Sedan Ford Fusion

When looking to purchase a midsize sedan, one of the options that you should consider is the Ford Fusion. While there are other cars such as the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Chevrolet Malibu, the Ford Fusion offers a lot of benefits to consumers. First, the Fusion provides you with some of the best fuel economy for a vehicle. You can get well over 20 miles per gallon when driving this vehicle. With the Fusion, you will have a vehicle that provides you with excellent handling and acceleration, Therefore you can move the car with a considerable amount of speed…
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